Dutch Reformed Church

Situated in the centre of town, this majestic stone church can house up to 1000 people. Visitors will also note that the church is a replica of the Salisbury Cathedral and boasts a fireplace that has never been used.

Designed by well - known architect Bisset, the church is said to be one of the best examples of early Gothic style architecture in South Africa.

During Reverend Andrew Murray's term of office 14 valuable items of old Cape silver were acquired for use during the communion service.

The first church to be erected burnt down before completion in 1799. The second church was completed in September 1800 but it was torn down in 1822 due to the ever-increasing size of the congregation. While the third church was being built open-air services were held. The third church was completed in 1823 and had a thatched roof. 

The current church was completed in 1886 and has a steeple of 150 feet .The pulpit is an extremely handsome Gothic style structure. It has a flight of stairs on either side. The reading desk is more than 9 feet from the floor.